Tax and Salary Statistics

Canada Tax Statistics

Select a Province to view specific income and tax statistics.

The Canada Income and Tax Statistics information is provided to allow directional insight into demographic earning thresholds. The statistics are captured when users calculate their Federal and Province Tax calculations using the Canadian Tax Return Calculator. Information is limited to the Province, Income, Federal Tax, Province Tax and other statistical metrics. We do not record specific user locations or any details relating to specific user details.

You are welcome to use these statistics as you wish though we kindly request that you reference the source page so that those who read your material can access the latest Income and Tax Statistics.

Looking for different Income or Tax statistics information? Contact us and let us know the information that you require and we will help if we can or look at a solution for you if we can't.

Income and Tax Statistics can be filtered and view by each specific Canadian Province. You may also select specific months and years to see how Salaries and tax payments have changed over time.

The Statistics section of the Canada Tax Return Calculator was launched in February 2016, we do not hold salary tax or income data before that point.